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Mar 08
Headshots at the beautiful Morikami Museum and Gardens
  Jamie is a missionary for Japan, and before leaving for his big assignment, he wanted me to capture his Professional Head Shots for him at the beautiful Morikami Museum and Gardens.  It was the perfect day for it too! We walked the entire property and enjoyed the sites as we captured a little bit of each view.  The setting is so picturesque to Japan it is uncanny at times. Jamie said he feels like he is at home when he visits the museum, which I know makes for an easy transition when arriving to Japan.  Of course, Japan is quite a diverse area compared to the states, so learning the routes to take there in Kyoto where he would be living, would probably take some time. My passion for Japan was celebrated through this session as well!  When I was a senior in high school, I got to go to Tokyo for a school business trip.  We bought and sold as an exchange company with another school that was there in Tokyo, called the American School in Japan.  It was quite an amazing experience and gave me a longing to travel more, although I really have not had the […]
1st Birthday Session with a traditional Doljanchi twist
This little cutie got all dressed in his birthday best and although he was not thrilled to wear his traditional Doljanchi (or Dol) outfit but he got used to it. Their session was in their beautiful new home in Delray Beach Florida. I did not know much about this tradition but learned much more while sharing in this tradition with the family. It is a Korean tradition that celebrates the first birthday of a baby. This ceremony blesses the child with a prosperous future. The highlight of the dol is a ritual where the child is placed in front of a table of foods and objects such as string, brushes, ink and money. The child is then urged to pick up an object from the table. It is believed the one selected will foretell the child’s future. For example, if the child picks up a brush or book, he/she is destined to be smart. If he/she picks up money he/she will be wealthy; If he/she picks up food that means he/she will not be hungry. If the child picks up the thread, it is believed he/she will live a long life. The types of objects placed on the table for […]
Welcome baby Luke!!
And now, the star of the show…Baby Luke!  I am excited to share this cutie with you for a couple of reasons…One because he is so stinking adorable, two because he has the best parents he could have and Three because I really missed being able to held a baby. It had been far too long, so I really enjoyed my cuddle time! He was the perfect little guy!  Slept really well for us once we got him to sleep, and we kept him moving too!  You can see we did several location changes. I look forward to watching you grow little man!!!  XO  
Waiting for baby L
I could tell from the start, and have absolutely no doubt at all, that this couple is going to ROCK parenting. And anyone who is a paws parent first gets a good amount of experience in parenting anyway, right?!?   😉 They are so generous, loving and tender! Daddy will be his protector and teach him all about how to be a hero.  Mommy will be his first love, and she will help him fight all his fears and conquer all his struggles. Cannot wait to meet you Mr. Luke!!  You are one lucky little guy!!  You will have an amazing set of parents and lots of great growing up experiences!!  I love you already!!  XOXO Their session was so much fun!   We captured so many amazing images with several outfits we just could not decide which ones were best, so we chose all of them!!  Which ones are your favorites?        
She kicked cancers butt and is taking names!!
Meet my beautiful friend Hope and her fabulous family!  I adore this group to pieces.  Hope and I grew up together from middle school on and have always had a super strong connection.  I loved her hubby right away and was very happy they found one another.  Then a couple of years after our first, they had their first.  Ms. L!  Super sassy and adorable ALL DAY LONG.  Love her!!  Then my little O came along!  OMGEEEE!!!!  I could eat him up he is so delicious!  Playful yet serene in nature.  Smart as a whip those two!  So needless to say, I just about melted when my bestie told me she had breast cancer.  She was very positive regardless of the affliction and she was confidant she would beat it….I never doubted for one second that was the truth.  And it certainly because of this strength and her faith that she pushed thru one of the hardest things a woman can push thru….Radiation and Chemo.  The very next day after they commissioned me for their family session, she shaved off her hair so she would not have to watch it come out in clumps.  She worked that style and still is while her hair […]
Throwback Thursday with the Beautiful Alyssa
Last year I had the pleasure of having this amazing girl in front of my camera!  Simple and pure beauty.  A girl in love makes the perfect model because she glows with joy from within.  “When girl is in love, you can see it in her smile.  When a guy is in love, you can see it in his eyes”  As you can see she thought often about her man during this session, and always! Ms. Alyssa: You are welcome to grace my lens any time!!!  You are a true treasure!    
All you need is love…
This mom and son have such a tight bond.  Nothing could tear them apart!  And nothing can stop them from having the most FUN possible!  I have had the honor of capturing them on several occasions and it is always such a pleasure! We had such an awesome time walking the streets of West Palm Beach…plenty of fun graffiti and colors, and no shortage of LOVE!  Every time we hang out, we always capture such gems that mom and little M will treasure forever.  Little guy is training in MMA, and mom does kickboxing and stays fit.  You will see them using some of their awesome moves throughout their session….  
I’ve got sunshine…
Who does not like a beautiful sunrise? Add in a beautiful family and you have the right combination to perfection! I fell in love with the children right away! Oh my goodness, HOW CUTE are they!  Mom and Dad were so kind and gentle with them and towards one another.  Even tho it was early, everyone was in good spirits and we had a marvelous time together! Here are just a few of their yummy images!….  
Love and Marriage
This was a session for the books!!  I put out a model call for a couple that was married to do a romantic session somewhat like an engagement session to practice a few things I had up my sleeve.  Thanks to my mentor Frank Donnino, the vision I had in my head, all my ideas, came out perfectly!!  The sky was gorgeous, the light was YUMMY and we had a marvelous time together!  Check out their amazing images! P.S. From this session was born my special image that I call “Love Stands Still in Your Arms”   If you are interested in this image for your session, give me a shout so we can plan it out to be customized for your location choice. 561-234-0587  or email me at robyn@robynbarkleyphotography.com  
Take me out to the ballgame….
take me out with the crowd!  Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack….I don’t care if I ever get back!! I have never met two people who loved baseball more than these two love birds! Their engagement session was incredibly fun! Our first stop was the baseball field so they show off their pride for their favorite teams at the Roger Dean Baseball Stadium.   Then we headed to Palm Beach for the romantic part of their session.  So many great nooks and cranes throughout Palm Beach that we definitely had plenty of real estate to shot on.   He got her ring at Tiffany’s so that was an obvious must stop! Then we walked to the beach and enjoyed the clock tower and the amazingly blue water.  Not too shabby a sunset. Here’s just a few of their images….
How sweet it is….
This adorable couple commissioned me to capture their love in front of my camera.  They are not quite ready to tie the knot…but they sure do have a love bigger than life!  I know when they decide they are ready, it will be the sweetest day of their lives to this point.  I cannot wait to receive the news! Here are a few pics from their session…      
Best friends become lovers
Meet Julian and Andy…One of my favorite couples to capture!  Nothing stopping their love! They came from Orlando to have their engagement session with me at Treetops Park in Davie. Their wedding to be held a few months later in Miami with a beautiful gathering at Matheson State Park. They adore each other and you can tell just by watching how they look at one another, and how they hold hands to stay as close as they can to one another. I cannot wait to share their wedding images too!  
They found love on a golf course
  This couple loves golfing together.  He even proposed to her on the golf course! So we decided to have a little fun and capture their engagement session at the golf course too! They brought along their own props, their golf clubs, shoes, balls, tees, and cute golfing attire. We met at the Garden in PGA National, and drove over to the 9th hole for the 2nd half of their session.