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Celebrate your beauty

Here at Robyn Barkley Photography Boudoir, we know a studio portrait session isn't a normal, everyday occurrence, and you'll have lots of questions!

What you see here are 100% beautiful, everyday women. Wives, mothers, grandmothers, and every one of them are drop-dead gorgeous, aren’t they?

You DON'T need to:

  • lose x pounds
  • get into better shape
  • have a significant other to gift the photos to

You DO need to:

  • see yourself through someone else's eyes
  • pamper yourself
  • put yourself first once in a while
  • LOVE yourself

Join our group Love,Lashes and Lingerie

Be part of a group that feels the same way you do. Come and be empowered and uplifted!

Join us in an amazing group of women just like you, whose goal is to stay positive and share their lives with like-minded women. A group full of fun, giveaways and a powerful message!

Our Boudoir Process

Step 1


Select your session date

Step 2


Have your hair and makeup professional styled.

Step 3


Have an amazing, confidence-boosting photoshoot.

Step 4


View and order your favorite portraits the same day as your shoot.

Step 5


Receive your gorgeous portrait order.

Learn more about what to expect from your Boudoir Experience!

Today I had the pleasure to work with Robyn, and at first I was extremely nervous and was really second-guessing going through with my session. But from the moment I first spoke with Robyn right up until the session, she made me feel so comfortable. During the shoot she is constantly coaching you and building you up! You truly do feel beautiful and sexy during the whole process! If you at all ever considered doing a boudoir shoot, definitely do it! The whole experience was amazing! Thank you so much!

Interested in pampering yourself? Let's chat!

Your Boudoir Experience

This isn't just a quick experience that fades away like a manicure. This is an experience that helps you to see your true beauty! And your photos will be a lasting keepsake to remind you when you start to forget.


The Shoot Timeline

60-90 minutes hair & makeup
60 minutes shooting
Your photos are edited
View your photos the same day!

Once you book your shoot, you'll receive my welcome email. In this email, I'll share with you the tips for preparing for your photoshoot. It's all optional and super easy stuff like drink more water and arrive with a clean face for makeup application. I also LOVE when my clients share boudoir photos that they love! If you have time, create a Pinterest board and pin some photos that you're drawn to. After you're done, you can send me the link to your board. If you don't have time, no worries at all!

Planning Your Outfits

We recommend bringing wardrobe options that cover all aspects of your personality, from girl next door, sultry and sexy, or high fashion and glamorous! Your session is your time to explore every aspect of who you are.

Once you book, I will send a welcome packet with great tips and tricks for prepping for your shoot, including links to some of our favorite designers. In addition to these helpful resources, we also advise you to make a Pinterest board with outfit ideas that you love! From there, we can always guide you toward the best designers for outfits that are flattering to your figure and style.

If you have lots of ideas and outfits and you're having trouble narrowing them down, then we always recommend you bring a suitcase full of stuff! Oh, yes, girl, I'm not joking. We recommend you bring all the things and when you arrive, we can help you narrow them down so you are shoot-ready!


Professional Hair & Makeup

Professional hair and makeup are included with each of our boudoir experiences and parties. Once you book your session, I'll send you a fun questionnaire where you can tell me exactly the look you're going for! The day of your shoot, your stylist will be prepared to create the perfect look for you. Your stylist will also discuss makeup colors based on your final wardrobe selection from the choices you bring for me to select from.

Professional hair and makeup is such an essential part of this experience. It can make or break your portrait session, and that's why we only work with the best hair stylists and makeup artists! Not only do they know how to give you the look, but most importantly, they know how to do makeup for the particular lighting and retouching techniques I use.

Do you have a specific look in mind? In addition to your questionnaire, feel free to email us some screenshots at [email protected].

Arrive for Your Portrait Session

We will go through the outfits you brought when you arrive and help you narrow them down, if need be. In addition, we'll also help you with any wardrobe questions you might have.

When you're all settled in, we'll get you started with hair and makeup. Our pro artist will chat with you about the exact look you're wanting. If you want to leave it 100% up to the artist, that's totally fine by us—whatever suits you best. If you're worried about the potential for us to not get the look you're going for right, let me just tell you there's no need to worry.

During the hair/makeup process, our professional artist will ask you how you're liking things along the way. They'll make sure it's not too dramatic or natural, depending on the look you're going for. We can always change things along the way, and I promise, when we're done, you'll love the look!

I'll start off with the simplest post and coach you on exactly where to look, how to smile, etc. You'll never wonder, "Where should my hand be? Does my face look good? Am I doing this right?" I'll be super clear on exactly what to do, and we'll even show you photos along the way so you can be confident in knowing how amazing you look.


Expert Posing Guidance

We are experts at capturing you in the most flattering ways and light. I have photographed tons of glamour/boudoir sessions with overjoyed customers, and we know exactly how to pose you down to your fingertips! You don't need to worry about a thing. You just need to simply show up for your session.

I have the experience needed in posing to ensure that you are always posed in the most flattering ways and under the most flattering lighting. Once it's time for your shoot, I will just ask you to do simple things, such as "Bring that shoulder towards me, bring your chin forward a bit, now look up at me with your eyes, put your hand here," etc. It's super simple and super fun!

Professional Retouching

You can rest at ease knowing that I know what women want when it comes to editing. My customers love how we do this! They love it because I bring out the best in them without changing who they are. We remove those unwanted blemishes, lighten circles under eyes, balance skin tone, and add that special touch to leave the image looking like your best and most beautiful self!


Sharing Your Images

I want you to know that you have 100% control over whether or not you allow us to share your photos online. If you choose to let me share your boudoir photos so that other ladies can see how empowering and amazing this experience is, thank you! If you choose to keep your photos 100% private for yourself or your partner, that's okay too! Whatever it is, the choice is yours, and I will always respect your wishes!

Boudoir Pictures







Collections and Session info

Session fee is $397.  Full pricing menu will be sent upon inquiry. Products and images sold seperately.  Collections start at $1397.

Your boudoir experience includes:
A complete makeover with professional hair & makeup
1-hour empowering boudoir photoshoot
Access to our wardrobe closet
Expert posing direction (we work with every body shape & size!)
3-5 outfit selections with wardrobe guidance
Private viewing & ordering session same day.

Ready to feel beautiful?

Keepsakes & Wall Art

Sit down, relax, and view your portraits in the comfort of my studio. We offer a variety of heirloom quality products. I will be there to answer all of your questions with sample products for you to touch and see. No order minimums, purchase only what you love. The average client invests $2500 in their photoshoot experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


I am not a lingerie type of girl. Can I still do boudoir?

Absolutely! Boudoir is not about lingerie. We can help you select outfits that fit your style and the feel you're going for. 

I’m not sure I am comfortable spending money on myself.

I totally understand. That's why we offer payment plans to make a boudoir portrait experience manageable for any budget. This is an experience that you will cherish for your lifetime, and you'll be able to look back at your images for years to come. 

Do my photos have to be shown online?

No, you can keep your photos completely private. When you come in for your session, we will ask if you are comfortable with us sharing your photos or if you would rather keep them private. 

I am not photogenic, and I am not sure how to pose.

I promise you that you are photogenic, you just didn't have someone helping you with posing and helping you to relax during your session. When you come into our studio, you will not have to worry about a thing! We pose you down to the fingertips!

What if I only want a couple of digital images?

Of course! I do understand we are in the digital age and having your files is important, which is why we include the corresponding files with your album or prints!

Your Viewing & Ordering Appointment


You don't have to wait to see your amazing images! We'll take a short break while I lightly retouch your photos and prepare your images for you to enjoy. Then you can view them right away and place your order the same day! Be prepared to make your purchases the day of your session because that is the only time they will be available to buy.

Pre-Payment Plans

You have the option to set up a Pre-Session Payment plan, or as I like to call it, a Boudoir Jar.  You can set it up in advance of your session, or you can pay in full at your ordering appointment. When you pre-purchase your Collection, it allows us to create images during your session with specific products in mind and ensures your greatest satisfaction. It also enables you to enjoy 10% off of what you store up for your image purchase!

Pre-purchasing is not required. However, if you wish to take advantage of our Payment Plans, you must do so prior to your session. We do offer Installment Plans during your session as well, but your collection must be paid in full before your products are released.

The Boudoir Studio

Robyn Barkley Photography

Robyn has dedicated her career to always learning and growing. She’s been a photographer since 2004 when she started out as an Olan Mills family photographer but quickly realized that she wanted to excel in her photography and started her own business. For the past 15 years, she has strived to grow and educate herself, working to make sure she captures your moments perfectly. Robyn currently resides in Southwest Florida, but is available to travel anywhere in the state, as well as throughout the U.S.

Head shot, photographer, Robyn Barkley Photography

Ever since Robyn picked up a camera, she wanted to help people love themselves through the images she captured. Whether her clients feel that they're not photogenic, or they just haven't learned to recognize their own beauty, Robyn feels so privileged to be chosen to capture women in the best light possible and help them see themselves as the gorgeous goddesses they are!

Robyn started her photography journey in 2004 and has captured countless families, weddings, couples and boudoir sessions. She began her career as a family photographer, then started capturing weddings. While she still loves weddings, Robyn knew her purpose was so much deeper, and so, after feeling that there was a void she wanted to fill in her photography, she jumped in full-force to capture boudoir full-time.

After a very short time, Robyn knew that she wanted this to be a permanent change. If you have been craving change and want to at last feel CONFIDENT in yourself, Robyn's commitment and promise to you is to photograph you the way you have always dreamed of. You deserve to be pampered, and it is her job to do just that!

Robyn's other passions are her three kiddos and hubby of 20 years and her faith. She would love to be the one you choose to bring out your all of your fabulous beauty. Even if you do not love being in front of the camera before your session, it's Robyn's promise that you will leave feeling confident and excited about your experience!

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