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I am so honored to be a part of your day and to capture all the special moments thru ought.  To ensure I am able to capture all of those moments perfectly and serve you to my best, the more information you can give me in this form, the better. We can revisit all the details prior to the day of your event if needed. Some entries are required, while some are not and you are welcome to leave blank if you do not have that information yet.

Feel free to contact me at any time to update the information!

Thank you so much!!


Event Timeline

Event timeline to ensure we capture your day the way you pictured!
  • This is the person(s) the event is in honor of or being held for/because of
  • Who is my main contact to be sure the event goes smoothly?
  • Please list an additional name or two in case the main contact is not available (if applicable.) Otherwise you can leave this box blank
  • Please share the name of the venue, address and phone #
  • ex. Group 1: Sarah Donnally (Grandmother) Bruce Donnally (Grandfather) Katie Small (Neice) Brian Franks (Unlce)
  • I do not want to offend anyone, so if there are special circumstances I should be made aware of so I can be sensitive to it, please list it here.
  • I would love to thank my referrals!! Thank you so much for this opportunity to serve you and your guests!!!
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