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Are you wondering "Why would she be practically giving away an engagement session?

And what's this about a test drive?"

A little background about me: I have been a photographer since 2004, and I have always worked hard to stayed on track in my photography skills to increase in knowledge and stay on the cutting edge since the beginning. The more I shoot or take classes or watch tutorials (whatever the means of growth), the better I become for my clients. And I want to be my best so I can serve them and you well! I get so excited to learn and grow! So, of course, I want to use all this knowledge to make it come to life in the images I capture of the couples I am honored to meet.

One of the other reasons I am offering this opportunity is that I have heard many stories from Brides and Couples who either did not know of me to hire me and have told me their horror stories about the way their photographer captured their day, or they spoke to me and decided to go a "cheaper" route, only to be devastatingly disappointed because they loved me and my work, but felt they needed to spend less on photography. 

Now I know I am biased because I am a photographer, but I try to go above and beyond to serve my clients from day one, through the end when you are choosing your favorite images for your walls and albums. And honestly, your images are going to be what you hold onto for the longest time and will last many generations to come. Think about that: some people will dry their flowers to remember them longer, but for the most part, the flowers wither and fade away. But if you have a picture of all of your beautiful details and of those gorgeous fresh flowers, they will last forever. You will look at your pictures hundreds of times over the years, but will you save all the trinkets from your big day? Or even your dress, will you really pull it out once a year and try it on again? Most likely not.

Now, I am not saying these things are not important, but what I mean is that finding the perfect photographer for your specific needs takes a little more time, a little more thought. And you do not want to go based on price! That is the one thing you cannot skimp on. (P.S. I am not an expensive photographer either...I am just making a really important point.) Just be sure to do your due diligence and REALLY research before you make a decision!

I DON'T want the above scenarios (and there are so many more we could discuss!) to happen to you or anyone else, so I wanted to find a way that couples can work with me first before they consider me. No obligations to book me after the session. I am not going to try and convince anyone of anything. But you may just find that you are able to check photographer off your wedding to do list list, and that would be awesome!

Since I am testing and educating myself to provide excellent service to all that I have the honor of capturing, we both benefit! You will have amazing images you love while I test my limits and push myself to greater things. And we will have fun doing it! 

Here's where you come in!

I need you to help me test out new gear, techniques and poses, and in exchange, you will receive an engagement session (at a nominal fee of $125) at a location of your choice anywhere in Collier or Lee County or Palm Beach Gardens and close nearby surrounding areas (when I am in town or have multiple things planned during the time you are requesting). My main focus area is anywhere in Collier or Lee County, and I am very flexible for dates and times.

You will get to choose your 3 favorite images (THREE digital negatives) to use anyway you choose. You will have full rights to these THREE images to download or print anything your heart desires. If you want to make save the date cards, by all means, print away! Or maybe you would like to order a 16x20 Canvas Art Gallery from a vendor of your choice. Be my guest! 

You're saying to yourself, "There must be something else, some kind of hitch here." NOPE! I want you to come and enjoy yourselves. There will NOT be a scheme later to email you a special one-time offer. What you see here is what you get. Scout's honor! You are not obligated in any way to book further with me. But if you LOVE the session and your images, and want to take advantage of the special offer posted on Facebook, you are welcome to do so. I will not pursue you, so if you are interested, holler! I would be honored to capture your day if you'd have me and my cute little ninja self. 🙂

I only have a few slots available, so do not delay if you want to be a part of this reduced session pricing. Sessions will take place Monday-Friday evening (unless I have a weekend available), usually to start between the hours of 3:30 and 6pm depending on the location choice and season. (Daylight savings is a huge factor.) After I receive your inquiry, I will contact you at the time you are available so we can schedule your session.

One last thing.....

If you have already commissioned a wedding photographer, I will not be able to schedule the session with you. I do not want to step on anyone's toes and would not want someone to commission me for their wedding but then see those same clients go to another photographer for an engagement session. That just would not be fair. So please only inquire if you have not booked your photographer and/or are NOT in the process of speaking to a photographer you plan to book. I have worked with and am close to many photographers in the area, and I do not want to risk losing their trust.

Thank you so much in advance! I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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