Final Wedding Day Timeline

I am so honored to be a part of your day and to capture all the special moments thru ought.  To ensure I am able to capture all of those moments perfectly and serve you to my best, the more information you can give me in this form, the better. We can revisit all the details prior to the wedding day if needed. Some entries are required, while some are not and you are welcome to leave blank if you do not have that information yet.

Feel free to contact me at any time to update the information!

Thank you so much!!

Forming a reasonable timeline.

A timeline for the wedding day prevents confusion and loss of precious time. The bottom line is that good photos and the amount of photos you want – take time. My job is to make sure you have FUN FIRST…and the photos are a bonus – a story I get to tell of your day.
In forming a workable timeline, what would be some of the things we need to consider?
Let’s start with the time of the ceremony and then work backwards from there for now. Some things to consider:
1) Do you want getting ready photos of the Bride? The Groom? or both prior to the ceremony?
2) Do you want to see each other prior to the ceremony? This is known as the “First Look” and highly recommended by me for the most efficient use of time. 95% of my clients do this. However – I know it’s not for everyone. Questions related to First Look will be the first thing addressed on this form.
3) Do you want all the family and bridal party photos done PRIOR to the ceremony BUT just AFTER the First Look? It’s something to consider.
4) Do we have to allow for travel time from the place the bride and groom are getting ready – to the ceremony location?
That is very important.
So that being said…let’s get started.

Final Wedding Day Timeline

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