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To be or not to be….I choose to BE!! Here is a little about me  🙂

Weddings are my JAM!  From the planning stages, (that I happily get involved with if you desire –Got questions, I may have the perfect answer.  Just need an opinion, I will help you decide!) to helping to keep you organized (spreadsheets are your friend), to our meet ups in between, especially the engagement session!  I love having you warm up in front of my lens before the big show–your wedding day.  Think of your engagement session as your big audition, ONLY you ALWAYS get the part!  Every bit of this is important and leads us to the day you waited and slaved over a year+ preparing for.

I love capturing all the sweet details the bride thought up and put all of her hard work into for MONTHS!  That’s my fave.  I really take pride in them too, and it helps me to really think through the rest of the days captures.  Then spending the entire day with you (heaven on earth!!), my fabulous couple, whom I have totally and completely fallen in love with (BFF’s for life!) that is what I really look forward to.  Getting to peak into your life and what your future holds is precious.  A gift!  And it makes my heart sing!  (I think that may be why you can find my dancing behind my camera 80% of the day!  haha)  Then comes the after party…THE EDITING!  I am always so excited to see all the images I captured (usually close to 1000 to many but who’s counting!) that I typically cannot stop editing until I have reached the end so I  can quickly return them to you all pretty with a bow around them in your own private sharable gallery (phew, take a breathe!  that was a lot of descriptive words….AND…) you have your images in up to 3 weeks time (I like to surprise you tho…so keep a watch on your emails!!)

Warming the couple up to the lens before their big day!
Warming the couple up to the lens before their big day! Image courtesy of Frank Donnino
Just having a little fun in front of the camera myself!  Image courtesy of Eddy Louis Photography

But, when I started working in the photography industry, I was a portrait photographer with Olan Mills.  I gained so much knowledge about what made a portrait great that it help me to build my very own portrait business.  I was always finding new and improved ways to make people feel and look their best, as well as discovering poses that looked natural.  My style was born from that experience!  I did not want people to look at their images and feel like they were stiff, but looked relaxed and NATURAL  🙂  So, naturally (see what I did there! wink wink) I still LOVE capturing your family moments!  And now I am also offering lifestyle sessions where you and your family can just be yourself for a half or full day session EXTRAVAGANZA!  Inquire for more details…it will be a BLAST!

Plus of course, you will find me capturing business head shots (a little unorthodox tho I’d say…not too traditional), or the businesses themselves (need your office or real estate captured?  I’m your girl!). As well I cover events (really any event is similar to a wedding, with a different title to me!) and family portraits when called upon!  I do not like to appear as a jack-of-all-trades so I really just showcase what I specialize in.

Okay…so enough sappiness (awww!)  How about some fun facts about me, your photographer…..

A few little snippits about me to get a bird’s eye view of who I am (get it..bird..haha….Robyn #nerdalert)

Marriage ROCKS! I highly recommend it! I am always trying to improve myself so I can be the best me I can be. I love being a wife and mom. It’s hard work, but so worth it!

I am addicted to Trader Joe’s Pumpkin butter…. In my opinion it should be fall all year round!  

If I did not have my strong Faith, I would not be ME

I am a smoothie JUNKIE and I make my own homemade hummus….want to try it??

My boys have such good character developing within them…proud momma alert

I would rather be in good company than with no company. I’m quite the people person.

Never fails, I get happy at weddings and always dance behind my lens!

There is just something about Giraffe’s, they are so intriguing to me! Could be their long neck, or maybe their cool tounges. Whatever it is I LOVE THEM!

My favorite color is blue. I wear it almost everyday, except for weddings when you will find me in NINJA black!


Even tho blue is my FAVE color…I rock my Hot Pink Converse at most weddings!  (Gotta start a collection of colors!)

Singing is my passion. Well my other passion! Next to photography.

I love settling in at night with my hubby, on the couch, cuddling up to watch a great show.

♦I love to TRAVEL!!  Especially for business!!  Inquire on where in the world I am willing to travel!♦

Head on over to my Wedding Contact form if you like what you see and let’s get connected!

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